Speaking about the latest events connected with the joining of the CRIMEA to RUSSIA we appeal to all nations:

Peoples of the world!

War is not a solution of the problems. Remember, war conflicts lead to destruction. Why do ordinary people have to suffer? They only want to live in peace in the safe place.

Kadetova Lubov  9 «b»
Marinenko Alex 9 «b»
Berdugin Sergey 9 «b»

Peoples! Why must we fight against each other? Don’t destroy your Motherlands. We must not repeat the mistakes of the past. Let’s solve our political and economic problems peacefully. Think about our future, families and children. Try to support peace on the planet.

Teushchakov Artem 9 «b»
Yashina Lisa 9 «b»
Panova Anna 9 «b»
Karpunina Vita 9 «b»

We know that it is very difficult to live in peace but it is a necessity now. Misunderstanding is horrible and ruinous. Let us be diplomatic. Let us save our world and mankind! The price of conflicts is extremely high.

Okhrimenko Sofia 9 «b»
Chubrikova Dasha 9 «b»
Bezmozina Elena 9 «b»

Nations all over the world! Let us be sensible! Our planet is so fragile!

Oskolkova Irina
Teacher of English

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