Unknown talents of great people

Peter the Great was a skillful shipbuilder, carpenter, farmer, painter, surgeon, but he also was an excellent dentist.
George Washington was a good farmer: he planted many flowers, cucumbers, rye, maize, wheat.
Alexandre Dumas liked to cook and eat, too. He collected interesting recipes. He composed a special big cookery dictionary, which was published after his death.   
Mendeleev devoted his free time to making suitcases. They were extremely elegant. Everybody wanted to buy his masterpieces. They were so popular that people called him “suitcase Master Mendeleev” though at the end of his life he got completely blind
Nikolay Gogol was a gourmet and liked to cook very much. He cooked tasty borschts and vareniki using his own recipe
Thomas Edison was an amazing inventor. He had more than 4000 inventions. However, he invented not only mechanisms. He also invented different diets. He cut out recommendations from the magazines, asked doctors. Then he tried these diets himself. His last diet was devoted to milk products.

To be continued…

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