Unknown facts about great people

A popular composer Alexander Borodin was fond of chemistry. One of his first experiments was making a rocket for fireworks and a special compound for the Bengal candles.

The English king George IV was good at cross-stitching. He often did it sitting on the throne and listening to the reports of his ministers.
Galileo Galilei adored sea. He loved sea so much that he even became a sea captain.
A Russian writer Alexander Griboedov played the piano very well. He composed good music. One of his waltzes was especially popular with people at dance balls.
·    A famous writer Vladimir Nabokov collected butterflies. He dreamt to discover a new unknown to people butterfly. Unfortunately, all his attempts failed.
·When Leo Tolstoy interrupted the process of writing, he made sapogi. They were very soft and durable. He gave his products to his relatives and friends as presents. Of course, he wore them himself.
  Pythagoras was good at sports. He became the first Olympic champion in the fistfight.
·     Albert Einstein played the violin masterfully. He did it when he wanted to think his scientific ideas over.
A great composer Sergey Prokofiev was an excellent chess player. He took part in serious tournaments. Once he managed to win the game… His competitor was Raul Kapablanca. 
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