The Queen of Great Britain

21 April is the birthday of the Queen of Great Britain. And here are some Queen’s records.

  1. She is the most long-reigning monarch in Europe. She became the Queen when she was 25 in February 1952.
  2. Prince Charles is the oldest heir alive.
  3. The Queen is the oldest participant of the World War II. She is a veteran. She is the only Queen who served in the army.
  4. The love of the Queen to her husband lasts 74 years.
  5. The portrait of the Queen is present on the coins of 35 countries of the world.
  6. There is a video devoted to the Olympic Games in London in her portfolio.
  7. During her life she had 30 corgi-dogs.
  8. All swans of the river Thames and all fish in its water belong to the Queen.

Лучшие фильмы о королеве Великобритании:

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http://A Queen is crowned (1953)

http://Королева Великой Британии

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